The IR (Impulse Response) files provided by DYNAX were created by a team of experts who know the features of cabinets inside out. We handpicked high-quality equipment and used our original techniques. We spent thousands of hours recording cabinets.
To ensure the best tone speed, tightness, and range, we focused on two things: the frequency range that is best for each instrument and high signal-to-noise ratio. We succeeded in the complete replication of the effect of an amp and reverb, and the result is as if you recorded with a physical setup.

The painstaking perfection of everything: cable choice, sound acquisition, and method of IR file creation is the core of sound created by DYNAX IR files.
In a professional recording studio, multiple microphones in different mic positions are used to record the sound of one guitar. DYNAX IR files can simulate that using various combinations of microphones and positions.

DYNAX IR files recreate the same quality guitar tone as professional recording studios.

You can view sound samples for each model in each of the following cab.e.
The cab without the link is being prepared.

About Speaker models
The details of the speaker units installed in the cabinet used during the DYNAX IR recording are summarized on the following page.

DYNAX IR Speaker models