DYNAX IR ENG E412VHB キャビネット インパルスレスポンス

DYNAX IR ENG E412VHB キャビネット インパルスレスポンス

ENGL is a German guitar amplifier brand founded by Edmund Engle. Founded on the philosophy of “learning from the past,” ENGL incorporates new technologies and ideas while maintaining the classic guitar sound circuit and its advantages. Thanks to this approach they have been supported by German hard rock and metal guitarists and have become an amplifier brand with a worldwide following. The wide range of sound is appealing, and the special cabinet is made of 14-ply Siberian birch wood, one of the thickest among guitar amplifiers, which produces a well-balanced sound from low to high volumes. The cabinet is equipped with two Celestion Vintage 30 speaker units, and the powerful enclosure allows the units to deliver their full potential.

While the 2×12 has its own inherent advantages, the 4×12 has a brighter overall sound.

ENGL is a registered trademark of Edmund Engl, under Mars listed on this site.

Data Format : WAV
– 48kHz/24bit –
500ms:Standard IR x 58 IR / Advanced IR x 24 IR
042ms:Standard IR x 58 IR / Advanced IR x 24 IR

– 96kHz/24bit –
500ms:Standard IR x 58 IR / Advanced IR x 24 IR
042ms:Standard IR x 58 IR / Advanced IR x 24 IR

<48kHz and 96kHz>
The Standard and Advanced folders contain IRs with different frequencies, 48kHz Default and 96kHz respectively. The reason for this is that some hardware and IR loader algorithms can only insert 96 kHz.

<500ms and 42ms>
Both the 48kHz and 96kHz folders contain 500ms and 42ms folders, where the IRs are stored. These are also data formats that match the algorithms of certain hardware and data loaders. Normally, there is no problem with 500ms data, but if the sound becomes Low output volume or reverberates when using 500ms, use 42ms IR data instead.
The default for DYNAX IR is 48 kHz/500 ms.

Please use 42ms for Strymon Iridium or BOSS IR-200 etc.

price : $24.99usd

please check following Purchase Precautions


DYNAX IR Features

DYNAX IR is an IR, short for Impulse Response, that outputs the sound of a real guitar cabinet using DYNAX’s original method.
Our method provides the highest quality sound in all environments, including IR effectors and guitar processors that can load single or multiple IR data, as well as DAWs and plug-ins. DYNAX IR can also be combined to create many sound variations and output quality guitar sounds suitable for a wide range of genres.

As noted on the DYNAX website, another feature of the DYNAX IR is its low latency. The speed from picking to sound emission is considerably faster compared to other IRs.

Most generic IRs tend to sound distorted and artificial when the volume on the guitar is turned down, as the range and sustain are extremely reduced. However, DYNAX IR uses our original method to generate IRs and provide a realistic sound, which is excellent for picking, touch, and guitar volume control, as if an actual amp and cabinet are being used.

About IR Recording

DYNAX IR uses professional-grade microphones to record four positions per mic. Each position is converted to IR, so it can be used by itself or blended with other microphones and positions; the sound possibilities are endless.
Two types of IR are bundled, Standard IR and Advanced IR.

STANDARD IR(Number of IRs: 58)
Microphone Position
Cap / CapEdge / Cone / Edge 4Total

Example of Standard IR data
DYNAX ●●●●● SM57 Cap
DYNAX ●●●●● SM57 CapEdge
DYNAX ●●●●● SM57 Cone
DYNAX ●●●●● SM57 Edge
DYNAX ●●●●● MD421 Cap
DYNAX ●●●●● MD421 CapEdge

*Each microphone x 4 positions IR data is recorded.
*The number of AIRs recorded varies depending on the cabinet and microphone characteristics, such as recording with different distances behind, above, and in front of the cabinet.

Cap : Contour and firmness with a strong Edge
CapEdge : Richer Mid and milder Edge than Cap
Cone: Sound with thickness in the Mid and low Mid
Edge: Sound with a focus on the Low to Mid

*Edge is useful when you want to reduce harshness. The mixing ratio should be around 8% to 15% when the main sound parameter is set to 100, but adjust according to the loader.

Advanced IR (Number of IRs: 24)
24 IR data bundled in total, combining microphones and positions suitable for Clean / Crunch / Drive.

Example of Advanced IR data
DYNAX AD Clean ●●●●● R121+C414XLS
DYNAX AD Clean ●●●●● SM57 + e906
DYNAX AD Crunch ●●●●● MD421+U87
DYNAX AD Crunch ●●●●● RE20+AG414
DYNAX AD Drive ●●●●● MD421+M81
DYNAX AD Drive ●●●●● VT2000+SM57
(Total 24IR Bundle)

Advanced can be used by itself, but the combination of Advanced + other microphones as shown above is also very effective. Please enjoy sound making by combining it with your preamplifier (simulator, amp head, etc.).

Microphone Position
Cap : Center of center cap
CapEdge : Edge of center cap
Cone : Center of cone
Edge : Edge of the cone
AIR : Off mic with room component

ギター IR

Recording Microphone Model

The following microphones are used in the production of DYNAX IR.
Each microphone is a registered trademark of its manufacturer or distributor.
List of microphones used for DYNAX IR:

List of microphones used for DYNAX IR

SM57mod:SHURE SM57 DYNAX mod
MD421:Sennheiser MD421
e906:Sennheiser e906
AG314:AKG C314
AG451:AKG 451EB
VT2000:SEIDE VT-2000
AT4050:Audio Technica AT4050
R121:ROYER R-121
RE20:Electro Voice RE20
M81:Telefunken M81

Purchase Precautions
You can buy one DYNAX IR at a time. If you would like to purchase more than one IR, please place an order separately.
Payment for DYNAX IR products can only be made by PayPal check out.
Purchased IRs will be available for download in a zip format containing both Standard IRs and Advanced IRs.
After your purchase, You can receive Download Link by Email after payment.

Copyright Notice

All copyrights to DYNAX IR data are owned by Jidaisha Co., Ltd., which operates DYNAX. The purchased data shall be used only for the purchaser’s personal use, and the following acts are considered violations of the copyright law and license agreement. Please be careful and do not engage in any of the following acts:

・The reproduction and distribution of data for sale or promotion in stores, online stores, auctions, social networking services, etc., as well as the purchase of such products.

・Publishing data through file sharing software, etc, as well as downloading such data.

・Giving copies to friends or acquaintances.

・Due to the nature of the product, cannot return and refund the item you after purchase.

Sound Sample

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