ElectroVoice RE-20 Guitar Recording microphone

The RE-20 as a guitar recording mic

Electro-Voice, a long-established American audio brand, was founded in 1927.
It is a brand that represents the world with a history approaching 100 years, and started as a microphone manufacturer when it was first founded. In 1934, he developed a noiseless microphone that used a humbucking coil, which is also used in today’s microphones, and suddenly established himself as a top brand. In 1946, the company moved its headquarters to Buchanan, Michigan, and expanded its business to include audio equipment, with a focus on speakers. It is said that the high technical skills cultivated in the development of microphones were also greatly utilized here.

Electro-Voice’s microphones have a history of flying into space with astronaut John Glenn under NASA’s Mercury Project in the 1960s when the world focused on space development. The company has also won an Academy Award for its microphones used in Hollywood movies. In this way, Electro-Voice’s microphones have a high reputation and a spectacular history.

The company released RE20 in 1968, and it is a microphone still in production though it has undergone minor changes according to the times.
Its biggest feature is the unique technology “Variable-D”, which has slots at precise intervals on the back of the diaphragm. As a result, it succeeded in reducing the proximity effect to a minimum, suppressing distortion and dubbing due to an increase in unnecessary low frequencies, making it possible to record with a very clear sound image.

It is a cardinal microphone that achieves the same frequency characteristics front and back.
Employing a large-diameter diaphragm, it enables smooth frequency response and large sound pressure pickup over a wide range. It also does not impair the detail and clarity of sound even when other sound sources are close.
It can be said that it has a performance close to that of a condenser microphone. It also has a low-pass roll-off switch that cuts the band from 100Hz to 400Hz by -4.5db, making it more versatile.
Because the RE20 is a dynamic mic, it does not suffer from the overload and distortion associated with phantom-powered condenser mics and has the advantage of being able to be used in humid and hot environments where condenser mics are not compatible. It has become the world standard for instrument microphones and broadcast microphones, and the wide range that stretches flatly to the high range like a condenser microphone with the pure low range with a clear outline by Variable-D has long been supported by many engineers. In addition, it is widely used in live performances and studios due to its high durability from its robust steel body.

The sound is clear and has a pleasant, vibrant cutting tone, and the mid-low range has a chewy and rich texture that brings out the delicious parts well, so it is also recommended for bass amps and male vocals. There are many examples of use with wood bases and saxophones.
As a kick mic, it has a slightly thicker midrange than modern dedicated kick mics, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a more vintage drum tone.

If the vibe is more modern, we recommend cutting the EQ in the 300-500 Hz range to give more midrange presence.

It’s great that these days there are many mic options in the market. But when for a classic and straight sound, Electro-Voice is your go-to.

It is not commonly used to record guitars, however, there is one instance where it shines: when recording powerful rhythms.

It’s powerful yet expresses nuances firmly without becoming harsh even in overdrive.
The amount of information in the high range is rich, and the low-mids are very clear. It is easy to equalize while mixing.


Proximity effect minimized by the Variable-D capsule

Wide range characteristics among dynamic microphones

Low-pass roll-off switch that cuts the band from 100Hz to 400Hz by -4.5db

Natural acoustic characteristics


Dimentions:54.4mm x217mm

Weight: 737g

Power supply: None

Terminal: XLR

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