SHURE SM-57 DYNAX Mod Guitar Recording microphone

SHURE SM57 DYNAX as a guitar recording microphone

Since its release in 1965 by SHURE, the long-selling item “SM57” has been used in studios and live houses around the world. It is a super classic model that everyone has the opportunity to own at least once in PA equipment, and this model is nicknamed “Gonana”, while its sister model SM58 is nicknamed “Gopper”. In addition to its versatility that can handle a wide range of sound pickup, from various instruments to vocals and speeches, it is also highly durable and is highly trusted not only by players but also by on-site engineers for its ruggedness that can withstand harsh usage environments. In addition, its pricing is also one of the advantages.

Since its release in 1965, its high reliability can be seen from the fact that it has been used in speeches by successive American presidents at the White House.
This is a custom-modified version of the highly-rated SHURE SM57 that has no transformer with our own wiring tune. It has improved latency and sound clarity.
Compared to the normal 57, the High has become calmer and the recording performance of the Low end has improved.

・Can be used not only for specific purposes but also for all kinds of instruments that gather in the middle band to vocals.

・Clear target sound with tight unidirectionality that minimizes ambient noise.

・High-frequency characteristics with a peak at 6 kHz accurately capture the attack of musical instruments

・Proximity effect is corrected by the roll-off adjustment that lowers the sensitivity of sounds below 200 Hz

・High durability Sturdy enough to withstand harsh usage environments and excellent cost performance

・Resistant to howling and impact, even at sudden high volumes from guitar amps, snares, and percussion without distortion


Product Specifications

Type: Dynamic

Frequency response: 40 to 15,000Hz

Polar pattern: Cardioid

Output impedance: –

Open circuit sensitivity: -56.0dBV/Pa (1.6mV), at 1kHz, 1Pa = 94dB SPL

dimensions: Φ32 x 157mm


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