MesaBoogie RECTIFIER Armored (4FBB-RC-SL) Guitar Cabinet

Armored cabinet with iron plates

We created an IR cabinet for the Mesa/Boogie cabinet dedicated to their Rectifier amp, which has revolutionized guitar amps. By decorating and reinforcing the thick enclosure with iron plates, the energy from the amplifier is received and output more tightly, reproducing a stable and focused heavy sound even at high volumes.

MesaBoogie RECTIFIER Armored Introduction

Mesa/Boogie is an amplifier brand founded in California, USA in 1969. Randall Smith, the founder and designer of his company’s products, had humble beginnings repairing and modifying Fender amps in a local repair shop. His work there laid the foundation for creating the Mesa/Boogie brand. Originally just repairing amplifiers, the company expanded into making sturdy amplifiers that are durable and hard to break down. They are known for having a unique hammer test, in which a completed amp is hit many times with a hammer to test its durability. The test earned such a reputation that the company’s products have earned the tremendous trust of top musicians on world tours.

The Mark series, famous as a multi-channel amp that can produce multiple tones, changed the fundamental concept of single-channel amps at the time. The development of this series finally brought the company worldwide recognition. The Mark series has undergone model changes from Mark1 to Mark5, and has been favored by many guitarists. The fat and sweet sound of the Mark series can be heard in many historical works considered masterpieces.

The Rectifier amplifier, with its high gain sound that adapted to the changing music scene, was the originator of modern high gain amplifiers and became a masterpiece amp head in Mesa/Boogie’s history, and also influenced other amp brands.Until then, 100-watt high power amplifiers used a rectifying circuit using a silicon diode, but by adopting the Rectifying Tube used in vintage amplifiers, the Rectifier succeeded in achieving both a high-gain sound and a sound that makes you feel plump and warm. The Rectifier amplifier is still popular today, and can be seen on many stages.

Mesa/Boogie has continued to create dedicated cabinets to express the sound of their amp heads. These cabinets are also works of great craftsmanship..Even if using an amp head from another company, Mesa/Boogie cabinets are a favorite for recording and stage use. Simple proof of how good and reliable the company’s cabinets are. It has many excellent recording characteristics that do not need a particular amplifier, and many recording studios have permanent Mesa/Boogie cabinets.

The 4×12 Rectifier Cabinet is designed to match the company’s Rectifier amplifier heads. Adopting a slightly larger than a general size 4-shot cabinet, this head and cabinet combination, which is currently recognized as a representative of heavy sound, is unrivaled. The rich resonant sound and punchy midrange unique to a four-shot cabinet are attractive, and can faithfully capture the player’s aggressive play and output a massive sound to match. The Rectifier Cabinet Armor, which has the iron plate placed on the front panel of the Rectifier head to the side of the cabinet, has a tighter and crisper high-mid than the standard model. The speaker unit installed in the 4×12 Rectifier Cabinet is a Vintage 30 made by Celetion, which is the most famous and well-established speaker unit for guitar amps.


What is unique about Mesa/Boogie is that the British brand Marshall uses 16 ohms for the total ohms of the cabinet, whereas Mesa/Boogie traditionally uses 8 ohms.There are various theories about this, but DYNAX’s view is that even with the same Vintage 30 speaker unit, the sound tends to change between 8 ohm and 16 ohm during recording and IR creation.

The combination of Mesa/Boogie’s traditional high-quality birch wood, hand-crafted woodcraft by skilled artisans, and heavy-duty hardware makes their products robust enough to withstand the world tour stages.

Dynax CAB IR

DYNAX IR is the ultimate impulse response, created with a focus on how to reproduce a realistic cabinet. DYNAX IR has a lower latency than most IRs, providing a highly responsive and realistic sound.
Dynax CAB IR Introduction

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