We have update for All DYNAX IRs.

We have update for All DYNAX IRs.

today we have update to all DYNAX IRs, we make new categorized.

<48kHz and 96kHz>
The Standard and Advanced folders contain IRs with different frequencies, 48kHz Default and 96kHz
respectively. The reason for this is that some hardware and IR loader algorithms can only insert 96 kHz.

<500ms and 42ms>
Both the 48kHz and 96kHz folders contain 500ms and 42ms folders, where the IRs are stored. These are
also data formats that match the algorithms of certain hardware and data loaders. Normally, there is no
problem with 500ms data, but if the sound becomes Low output volume or reverberates when using
500ms, use 42ms IR data instead.

The default for DYNAX IR is 48 kHz/500 ms.
Please use 42ms for Strymon Iridium or BOSS IR-200 etc.

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