Update for DYNAX IR, Support for some hardware, including Suhr Reactive Load IR

Update for DYNAX IR

There was a problem with the “specifications” on some hardware, including Suhr Reactive Load IR, that the DYNAX IR could not be loaded.
We have added the data “for IR Loader Hardware” to the folder where all cabinet models are stored.If you are unable to read IR data in 48 kHz and 96 kHz, which are normally included, use the data in this folder.
This data is 500m/s – 48kHz.

How to retrieve data

Please Download again from Download link you received before from us.

If you can’t find it please send us an email.
also please send the following information together.

・Your name
・Paypal Transaction ID
・The product name you purchased

our Email : sales@dynax-japan.com