DYNAX IR Released ! Guitar Impulse Response

DYNAX IR Released

28th November We have released DYNAX IR – Impulse Response.
DYNAX IR files are cab sims, also known as cab IRs, which were created from thousands of hours of work. It was done using Dynax’s original method to replicate the authentic sound of a guitar cabinet.
DYNAX has the most diverse cabinet IR file collection in Japan.
It provides high-quality guitar sound in various situations such as recording and mixdown in a DAW environment, stand-alone use with an IR loader, reamping of guitar tracks, and use with modeling amps that have become mainstream in recent years. The high quality of DYNAX IR sound is achieved through careful selection of microphones and microphone positions, recording equipment and environment, and attention to detail in the process of generating IR data.

you can check DYANAX IR Details