RANDALL NB412 Straght 4×12 Guitar Cabinet

Randall has been active in the industry since the dawn of guitar amplifiers

modern high-gain amplifier dedicated cabinet created by Randall, who used to be Fender’s sales manager. Speaking of RANDALL, it is a brand associated with many so-called distortion guitarists such as modern high gain and grunge guitar users, and even now many famous guitarists use the same model cabinet.
The sound is characterized by a solid bottom and clear highs.

RANDALL NB412 Straght Introduction

After World War II, Don Randall of Randall Amplifier became acquainted with Leo Fender of Fender Radio Company while working as a radio and television salesman. Leo Fender had already started making lap steel guitars and amps, and with Don Randall’s recommendation, started selling them on a large scale.

The companies Leo Fender, Fender Sales Corporation, and Fender Electric Instrument Company were founded in 1953, and Mr. Don Randall, who at the time was in charge of sales, became involved in management as Vice President and General Manager after Fender’s acquisition to CBS.

However he soon left Fender in 1969 following the acquisition by CBS, and drawing on his experience in the manufacture and distribution of amplifiers he established Randall Amplifier Company in Irvine, California.

Randall’s masterpiece is the preamp modular MTS (Modular Tube System) developed in collaboration with Egnater’s Bruce Egnater. The preamp section was a cassette-type modular, and it was an epoch-making system that could be changed to a preamp with a different character by replacing it. Both Randall and Egnater released preamplifier modules with different orientations and it became a hit with many studio musicians. Also it was sold not only as a preamp but as the RM series combo and head.

In 2011, Randall signed a business contract with Fortin Amplifier and announced that they would jointly design amplifiers. Mike Fortin became Randall Amplifier’s exclusive engineer, designing modern high gain amplifiers, supported by many musicians, and developed signature amplifiers for top musicians. At the end of 2015, the business contract with Fortin was terminated.

Since then, they have been actively working as a brand under the umbrella of US Music Corporation, continuing to release pedal effectors.


Dynax CAB IR

DYNAX IR is the ultimate impulse response, created with a focus on how to reproduce a realistic cabinet. DYNAX IR has a lower latency than most IRs, providing a highly responsive and realistic sound.
Dynax CAB IR Introduction

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