VHT AD 212 2×12 Guitar Cabinet

VHT AD212 Introduction

VHT Amplifier, a new brand that manufactures amplifiers after taking over the name from VHT, which used to manufacture rack-mount type power amplifiers and amplifiers such as Pittbull. *The former VHT has changed its name to Fryette, named after the founder.

VHT designs and manufactures all-tube amplifiers at low prices. A representative model is the D-Fifty Head. Based on the Dumble design, the interior is all hand-wired, and the control layout is reminiscent of the original OverDrive Special. It can be obtained for less than $1000 and it is popular because it is an unusually low price for a Dumble clone amp.

In addition, there is an all-tube series called Special. This is a single output amplifier that uses one 6V6 power tube. The tube’s unique fat and warm sound can be obtained at a low volume, making it the perfect amp for home use.

They also actively release effect pedals, focusing on twin pedals such as Echo-Verb (delay and reverb) and Melo-Verb (tremolo and reverb) which are all-in-one combinations. It is a lineup that guitarists want.

This time, we have successfully sampled the AV-D212 designed exclusively for the VHT D-Fifty. A full-fledged finger joint structure is used even at a low price. Designed with an open back to match the D-Fifty’s Dumble sound, it focuses on clean to overdriven warm and fat sounds.


Dynax CAB IR

DYNAX IR is the ultimate impulse response, created with a focus on how to reproduce a realistic cabinet. DYNAX IR has a lower latency than most IRs, providing a highly responsive and realistic sound.
Dynax CAB IR Introduction

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