VOX AC-30 COLLECTOR EDITION 2×12 Guitar Cabinet

VOX, the representative of British combo amps

VOX has been supported by many UK musicians as a British amplifier brand.


VOX started out as the Jennings Organ Company in England. After that, in 1956, the company changed its name to Jennings Musical Industries (commonly known as JMI) due to a guitar amp prototype that Dick Denny was making and released its first guitar amp, the VOX AC-15, in 1958.

In 1959, in the United States, high-output amplifiers using 6L6 tubes were released, and to compete with it, EL84 tubes were added to double the output, and the AC-30 model with two 12-inch speaker units was released. The AC-30 is still sold as the flagship model of VOX amplifiers, with some specification changes. The AC-30 received a great deal of support from British musicians, and you can still see VOX amps lined up behind the stage in the music videos of many famous songs.

Heat generated by tube amps is a problem not only for VOX but for all manufacturers. The EL-84 used by VOX is a tube that is small in MT size and provides high output, but it is also a tube that is not good at letting heat escape. Around that time, the transistor was invented, and VOX collaborated with the “Thomas Organ Company”, which imported VOX products to the United States, to manufacture amplifiers using transistors in the United States. However, it did not succeed as a business, and some of VOX’s reputation was tarnished.

However, during the development of the AC-30 transistor amplifier Super Beetle, the wah-wah pedal, which can be said to be the origin of effectors, was born. A unique sound effect can be obtained by controlling the resonance of the midrange, and its basic circuit is also the basis of other wah pedals today, especially the wah effect applied to the electric guitar. It can be applied to various playing styles and genres and is an effector with many users.

Later they began manufacturing guitars. At the time, an electronic organ was also developed and marketed as the VOX Continental organ to compete with the Hammond organ, which was expensive and heavy. The organ had different versions manufactured in England, Italy, and America, showing that VOX products are quite unique.

After that, the VOX brand trademark was acquired by Japan’s KORG, and now, as one of the KORG brands, they manufacture not only tube amplifiers, but also digital modelling amplifiers, digital effectors, and other keyboard instruments.

This time, we have successfully sampled the VOX AC 30 COLLECTOR EDITION, produced in limited quantities in the 1990s. As the final model of the classic AC-30, which has been in production since the 1960s, it is a very rare model.


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