SEIDE VT-2000 Guitar Recording microphone

SEIDE VT-2000 as a guitar recording mic

SEIDE is a brand born in Germany that has many users from consumers to professionals. The classic bottle-type case with a full-fledged large diaphragm is reminiscent of vintage microphones. Like the original VT-3000, the VT-2000 is a tube microphone that uses a vacuum tube in its amplification section. The only difference from the VT-3000 is that the directivity switch is omitted in the power supply section, and the VT-2000 focuses only on cardioid (unidirectional) for general recording purposes.

The sound of the SEIDE VT-2000 is a mic that shows the benefits of a tube mic. Even for guitar recordings, the sound is smooth and thick, with just the right amount of saturation. It is also characterized by its extremely high sensitivity, allowing you to fully record the dynamic range of your guitar. As a vacuum tube microphone, it is extremely reasonable, but its sound has been proven true, and even professional engineers like to own it.

Cardioid fixed type
Adopts 12AX7A pre tube, which has a reputation for sound quality and is highly available
With a structure in which two diaphragms are arranged in parallel, it is possible to clearly pick up sound in all bands while minimizing the proximity effect.

Low noise design

Maximum SPL is 135dB and supports a wide range of recording applications.


Type: Condenser type (vacuum tube type)

Polar pattern: cardioid

Frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz

Sensitivity: 16mV/Pa

Output impedance: 350Ω or less

Maximum SPL: 135dB SPL

Pad: 0/-10/switch

Low cut filter: –

Power supply: Dedicated power supply

Connector: XLR 3 pin

Dimensions: width 48 x height 220

Weight: 680g

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