DYNAX IR EX SIM CLEAN BUNDLE (132 IR) is a bundle edited for use with guitar processors, simulators, and plug-ins that have become mainstream in guitar recording. Like the METAL BUNDLE and AMP CLEAN bundles, this high-grade bundle uses our exclusive editing method to provide even more realism, speed, and range than the standard DYNAX IR bundle.
SIM CLEAN BUNDLE generates three variations from the original data of a single IR, enabling a wide range of sound making. To distinguish between variations, the letters STD, VAR, and EFX are listed at the end of the IR name.

|| About STD
STD uses the same method as AMP CLEAN to generate IR, with some modifications for simulators. The direction of this IR is to improve the digital sound to an airy, amplifier-like sound as much as possible.

|| VAR
Compared to STD and EFX, the velocity has the characteristic of being output uniformly against attacks. This makes the IR easy to use and familiar for chord strokes, cutting, and attack cleans. The bass and treble string output variation has been suppressed, so it works well with long shimmer reverbs and other spatial instruments.

|| EFX
The IR is generated on the assumption that it will be used in conjunction with the effects of a simulator or guitar processor. By applying analog processing to the original IR data, emphasis is put on the range that the human ear finds pleasing. This allows for a rich, high-quality sound with good effects. Depending on the cabinet you have selected, the EFX may be coordinated from low to mid low, so please adjust the EQ of your processor before use.

Data Format : WAV
48kHz :24bit / 500ms
48kHz :24bit / 42ms
96kHz :24bit / 500ms
96kHz :24bit / 42ms

The default for DYNAX IR is 48 kHz/500 ms.
Please use 42ms for Strymon Iridium or BOSS IR-200 etc.

price : $38.99usd

please check following Purchase Precautions


You can Download Smaple IR by following Link(48khz / 500ms)

|| Terms of Use
Each IR in this bundle has a different editing method. Therefore, there may be a difference in volume between variations (STD, VAR, EFX, etc.) using the same type of cabinet. Please use your simulator, DAW, IR loader, etc. to adjust the final volume.
This IR is edited for simulators and processors, but it is also possible to use Reactive Load with the actual amp head.

|| Recorded Amplifier and Cabin Models Total 132 IR.

About Data Format

The primary data of DYNAX IR is 24bit/500ms, but the following data is also included according to the characteristics of the IR loader of the hardware/software you are using, so please import IRs according to your particular situation.

DYNAX IR Features

DYNAX IR is an IR, short for Impulse Response, that outputs the sound of a real guitar cabinet using DYNAX’s original method. Our method provides the highest quality sound in all environments, including IR effectors and guitar processors that can load single or multiple IR data, as well as DAWs and plug-ins. DYNAX IR can also be combined to create many sound variations and output quality guitar sounds suitable for a wide range of genres.

As noted on the DYNAX website, another feature of the DYNAX IR is its low latency. The speed from picking to sound emission is considerably faster compared to other IRs. Most generic IRs tend to sound distorted and artificial when the volume on the guitar is turned down, as the range and sustain are extremely reduced. However, DYNAX IR uses our original method to generate IRs and provide a realistic sound, which is excellent for picking, touch, and guitar volume control, as if an actual amp and cabinet are being used.

Purchase Precautions
You can buy one DYNAX IR at a time. If you would like to purchase more than one IR, please place an order separately.
Payment for DYNAX IR products can only be made by PayPal check out.
Purchased IRs will be available for download in a zip format containing both Standard IRs and Advanced IRs.
After your purchase, You can receive Download Link by Email after payment.

Copyright Notice

All copyrights to DYNAX IR data are owned by Jidaisha Co., Ltd., which operates DYNAX. The purchased data shall be used only for the purchaser’s personal use, and the following acts are considered violations of the copyright law and license agreement. Please be careful and do not engage in any of the following acts:

・The reproduction and distribution of data for sale or promotion in stores, online stores, auctions, social networking services, etc., as well as the purchase of such products.

・Publishing data through file sharing software, etc, as well as downloading such data.

・Giving copies to friends or acquaintances.

・Due to the nature of the product, cannot return and refund the item you after purchase.